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As it is said the FIRST TIME is never the best. This was once again a testified fact prior to the commencement of the eighties ( exactly March 24, 1980) when Drishty came into existence. The entire Saurashtra region was covered with deepened darkness in advertising and the profession had not produced lasting effects in terms of its acceptance. Not had it achieved the name and the fame as it has today.

Drishty Consultants had started with only 200 square feet office but with a burning desire to explore the opportunity by offering innovative concept, in an ad. field.

Mr.Girdharbhai Ghadia, the pioneer for creative designing concepts in Saurashtra-Gujarat region, had established the ‘Drishty Consultants’ in 1980 but it had not been given reasonable consideration, but he is the person of vision, committed to his goal.
In 1980, the entire Saurashtra region was covered with deepened darkness in ad & the profession had not produced lasting effects in terms of its acceptance, at that difficult time, he explored the opportunity in advertising field by accepting new concepts. By passing of established as the corporate house itself by having a well-furnished office, state-of-the-art technology, talented & an elite group of artists & administrative staff.

Drishty Consultants achieved the series of success by introducing a different range of ideas for different stages for e.g. layout, color scheme, illustration, line work, photography, effective copyrighting in context to product & service offered, spray work, stationary design with the co-operation of its talented, skilled & experienced team.
Where creativity is another name of Drishty Consultants, it offered the wide range of font style which easily read in reduced size also, which were accepted throughout Gujarat media sector. It also develope different types of the fount style such as bold style & likes in wedding cards, invitation cards & slogans etc. All the new font styles developed by Drishty Consultants attracted the attention of many big media houses & published them as book copy & it sets a new milestone in the press, designing & painting field.

Drishty Consultants has also been awarded by our late former Honorable Prime Minister Shri Morarji Desai for setting new standards in media by successfully implementing innovative idea & challenging concepts.
By passing of time, Drishty Consultants played a crucial role in advertisements of big corporate houses in Gujarat region & it resulted in the membership of INS (Indian Newspaper Society)- Delhi in 1987 Member of A.B.C. (Audit Bureau of Circulation) – Mumbai in 1994.
With changing of time, Drishty consultants established itself as Drishty Communications Pvt. Ltd. in 1991, with the spirit of high-efficiency & qualified team work.

In 1991, in the era of technology, DCPL also accept prevailing marketing norms by including in-built technology, photographic equipment, well-furnished business house & improvement in overall strategic planning & ahead towards success.

In 1996, DCPL had designed & printed ‘Rajkot Engineering Association Directory-1996’& arranging grand get-to- gather function at its releasing.

In 2000, Mr. Girdharbhai sets a new path to explores more opportunities by sifting to the U.S.A. for business development & in absence of Mr. Girdharbhai, Mr. Girishbhai, M.D. of DCPL is easily & successfully managing all responsibilities.

Today, DCPL enjoys the leading position in ad.field by maintaining its reputed client through offering best. DCPL has also provided the platform to almost all the persons of any post & work efficiency in their very initial stage, particularly in this field. Today DCPL feel proud for this successfully managing own business in the same field & in this sense, DCPL should be called as ‘Mother Institution’ of ad. agency run in Saurashtra region.

The basic supporting part of Drishty

Shri Girdharbhai Ghadia(Chairman)

Mr. Girdharbhai Ghadia established ‘Drishty Consultants’ in 1980 with the ambition of participate in national business development by his consultancy services of Advertising, Designing, Printing etc. with his innovative and creative thinking.

By his innovative & trend setting thinkin & hard work, he had started his career in 1980 & by 2000, with his experienced team’s sincere efforts, he was able to turned ‘Drishty Consultants’ into ‘Drishty Communications Pvt.Ltd.’ ‘DCPL’ enjoys the leading position in serving its clients in excellent ways & capture the big market even though prevailing stiff competition in the advertising market.

After 2000, Mr. Girdharbhai Ghadia has shifted to U.S.A. for further business expansion & for his children’s higher education and within 4 years he has become owner of Gas Station & Super Market in U.S.A., to prove his ability and skills.

Mr. Girishbhai Trivedi came from Dhrol, village of Jamnagar District. He started his career in Drishty Consultants with the designation of common assistant in 1982.

‘Each man is the architect of his own fat ‘. Mr. Girishbhai proved it once more in history itself. By starting his career as only common assistant, with his hardworking, foresight & intact to desire, under the guidance of Mr. Girdharbhai he plays a key role in the development of Drishty.

Today Mr. Girishbhai has become Managing Director of the company by his work efficiency, managerial skill, and response of customers satisfaction. This impress Mr. Girdharbhai Ghadia to handover complete Management responsibilities to Mr. Girishbhai Trivedi from 2000 to provide the professional environment to establish the corporate image in the same field.

From 2000 onwards, with the guidance of Mr. Girdharbhai, Mr. Girishbhai sets the milestone by proving steady growth rate with his strategic planning, knowledge of human psychology, imagination power, sense of timing, regularity, discipline, public relations, positive attitude & sense of smart work.

Drishty can do anything in creation

We create corporate image
✔We do

Most effective advertising campaign.B/W & four colour advertisement published in Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Periodicals, Directories, Special issues in any languages in India & abroad.

✔We have

We equipped in-house studio for product photography.DCPL has First time in Saurashtra – Gujarat region wide range of national & international Standards volumes of collections for creative designing concept.Elitegroup of qualified, & skilled professionals in administrative & creative department

✔We create

Most effective company profile, product profile, Catalogues, Brochures & Superb but sensible packagings.Most effective copyrighting & translation accordingto subject & also in any languages as per client’s projects requirements.

✔We make

Multi Media DesigningE-Literature.TV/Cable/Satellite Channels Ad. & Ad.- corporate film for companies & products etc.

✔We organize

Press Conferences.Dealers’ Meetings.

Secret behind the Success

  1. Culture of Drishty
  2. New Era Technology Adoption.
  3. Excellent Familiar Work Environment & Growth prospects.
  4. Opportunity of Personal Progress.
  5. Reputation of Creative & Qualitative Ad Agencies in India.
  6. Co-Operative & Positive approach in management
  7. Lucrative Salary, Perks & Other benefits is offered to the deserving incumbents as per the policy of company.
  8. Opportunity of Bright & Secure Future.


Artist’s Job Profile

Mahesh P. Khambhaita {Chief Artist}

Experienced in Carpentry, Various Machine Operating Manually & Computerised Graphic Designing, Printing, Photography, Spray Work & Ad Concept Creation etc.


Hasmukh R. Nimavat {Senior Visualizer}

Mastery in Cinema Banner Paintings, Oil Paintings, Sand Pictures, Art Decorations, Neon Board, Sign Board, Light Board, Very Large Hoardings, Wall Paintings & Portrait Paintings. Specialist in Spray Work, Line Work, Illustrations & Technical Drawings. Experts in Four Colour Booklets, Brochures, Literature, Company Profile, Annual Reports, Pamphlets, Posters, Logo-Symbols, Trademarks, Stationery Designs, Certificates, Paper Ads, Colour Ads & all type of Packing, Creative Marriage Card, Wrapper Work manually & computerised.


Vijaysinh R. Zala {Senior Artist}

Assistant Artist cum Dark-Room Man, B/W & Colour Advertisement Designing & having ability on CorelDraw & PhotoShop. Specialist in B/W Newspaper Ad Designing.


Prashant P. Nandani {Artist cum Copy Writer}

Experienced in Logo Artwork, Stationery, Packaging, General Designing, B/W NewsPaper & Magazine Ad., Copy Writing & Assistant Artist.