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The basic supporting part of Drishty

Shri Girdharbhai Ghadia(Chairman)

Mr. Girdharbhai Ghadia established ‘Drishty Consultants’ in 1980 with the ambition of participate in national business development by his consultancy services of Advertising, Designing, Printing etc. with his innovative and creative thinking.

By his innovative & trend setting thinkin & hard work, he had started his career in 1980 & by 2000, with his experienced team’s sincere efforts, he was able to turned ‘Drishty Consultants’ into ‘Drishty Communications Pvt.Ltd.’ ‘DCPL’ enjoys the leading position in serving its clients in excellent ways & capture the big market even though prevailing stiff competition in the advertising market.

After 2000, Mr. Girdharbhai Ghadia has shifted to U.S.A. for further business expansion & for his children’s higher education and within 4 years he has become owner of Gas Station & Super Market in U.S.A., to prove his ability and skills.

Drishty Communications Pvt. Ltd. planted its roots in 1979. The firm has been one of the pioneers in the advertising business in Gujarat from its beginning till date even after a roller coaster journey of four decades. In the earliest, Mr. Girdhar Ghadia, the visionary creator, skillfully employed the existing ways of print blocks for print media. A team of 50 people carried out all the key media activities, thanks to their continued hard work and approach.

Over the period of four decades, Drishty has aided the growth of over 1000 businesses. Drishty Communications Pvt. Ltd.’s major differentiators include the following:

✔ The finest understanding of the clients’ requirements.

✔ Excellent implementation of branding jobs, whether it be design or media selection.

✔ Assuring that the client’s message reaches its intended audience.

✔ Clients are provided the finest pricing in the industry.

✔ Administration that is trustworthy and transparent.